Snail Mail Security; SMS (2011-current)
ultrachrome prints
various sizes

Paperboard Sector; PBS (2012-2013)
acrylic and cardboard on paper
various sizes

Digital to Analog Conversion, series (2008)
acrylic spray paint on polyester shower curtain
70 x 72 in

Lemmings Level One (2008)
appliqué fabric on canvas
50.5 x 34 in (gromets)

Wormhole (2008)
diptych, each image 10 x 16 in (unframed)
ultrachrome print on luster

Missed A Pigeon (2006)
ultrachrome print on luster, 1 x 7 ft (framed)

38 ohs (2006)
laser print on vellum and cardstock
artists’ book / concrete poetry

Prints on Metal (2004–2006)
acrylic on various metals