Snail Mail Security

Snail Mail Security; SMS (2011-current)
ultrachrome prints
various sizes
all prints are editions of 1

Snail Mail Security is an ongoing series of prints of paper collage. Each print is an edition of one. The paper comes from the interior of business envelopes that have come through the mail. These envelopes have Security Features, a special patterned printing on the inside of the envelope, that secure sensitive information being sent through Snail Mail.

Michael Weinstein¬†called the Snail Mail Security series “beguiling, involving and edgy in a visual sense (rough, straight, jagged and smooth) and psychologically (abrupt confrontations of dynamic shapes blocking each other in tension-filled force fields)” (New City).

Friends and supporters have started sending me their business envelopes. Consequently, the collection of unique patterns has grown to one of the largest on the internet! If you would like to participate, drop me a line here.