Security Envelope Patterns

Here is an ongoing collection of Security Envelope Patterns. These patterns have really caught my attention aesthetically and conceptually. Thanks to everyone who have helped by sending me their envelopes. The internet is an amazing place. I’ve discovered a whole bunch of people online that also greatly appreciate these patterns.

As of June 24, 2014 there are 95 As of February 2, 2017 there are 119 As of October 8th, 2017 there are 146 different patterns in the set. This is one of the largest collections of unique security patterns on the internet! The largest set that I’m aware of is from Joseph King who has over 160. I’ve created one of my largest bodies of work Snail Mail Security using these patterns exclusively.

I am currently trying to track down patterns that have been used in the Snail Mail Security series before I started documenting each pattern in this collection. I have also done some research on the internet and made a page of security envelopes that I am currently looking for. If you are interested in helping me out, drop me a line! Enjoy!

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