Website updated with new theme

Abstract Collage website updated to Stratum theme for WordPress. Excited about the new features for the site.  To name a few: a strong mobile browsing experience, iPad size browsing look, pertinent front page content, WooCommerce integration, and many others.

Prior to this I had been using Boomshaka. This was a theme created by Jordan Kanter and myself for artists over three years ago. It survived numerous WordPress and WooCommerce updates until recently breaking down slightly with the way images were displaying. Both Jordan and I have moved on to other projects so rather than try to update an old project I decided to check out some of the current WooCommerce supported themes for WordPress.

I have looked at many artist websites over the years and have developed strong opinions. I’ve written extensively about that. I have been particularly critical of the way WordPress handles images. The gallery features are clunky, awkward, and it is far too easy to have images stretched or resized improperly.  That’s why when I found Stratum I was confused because there are very few themes that “have it all.” And so far I couldn’t be more happy!

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