Examining Artist Websites (1-5)

I’ve looked through thousands and thousands of artist websites. I’ve noticed that I am drawn to certain types of sites. I have also noticed many common issues from website to website. For instance, website navigation can become very confusing in artist websites. At Park Schreck Gallery, I started putting these thoughts into writing. I began a series called Examining Artist Websites

At the gallery, whether we were reviewing submissions or researching referrals, the way artists presented themselves online became a distinguishing factor in our selection process. Artist websites are the primary way artists present their work today just like slides were the submission standard of the past

Of course there is no one way of doing things and my reactions may not be the same as other curators. Despite this, I think hearing the thoughts of someone who has looked through so many websites could be revealing. This is especially true for new site designers and artists just starting out with their 2nd or 3rd website. Check out the first 5 websites that were featured in the series and see for yourself.

Alejandra Laviada image-based navigation

A great image-based navigation by Alejandra Laviada

I would like to continue the series here as long as there is positive interest in the topic. I’d like to cover some of the most common options as well as custom solutions that taylor to artists specifically. Would you like your website reviewed on Examining Artist Websites? Do you have a strong opinion on the topic and and wish to participate? Drop me a line here.