Cool Security Patterns, I Desire (My Wishlist)

Updated July 7, 2017: One of the coolest of the cool security patterns sets on the internet is by Joseph King. This is a 160+ pattern collection on Flickr. So I went through this collection and selected all the patterns that I do not currently have. These are all featured below. Think of this as my personal vision board.

Updated 12/22/2017: I have gotten some very generous donations from the community and I am happy to “cross out” some of these envelopes from the wish list. List is now a little easier to read and grouped by color.

If you recognize any of these patterns from your own personal or business mail… I want to hear from you!


Security Envelope Patterns

Here is an ongoing collection of Security Envelope Patterns. These patterns have really caught my attention aesthetically and conceptually. Thanks to everyone who have helped by sending me their envelopes. The internet is an amazing place. I’ve discovered a whole bunch of people online that also greatly appreciate these patterns.


Updated June 24, 2014: There are 95 different patterns in the set.

Updated February 2, 2017: There are 119 different patterns in the set.

Updated October 8th, 2017: There are 146 different patterns in the set. The largest set that I’m aware of is from Joseph King who has over 160. I’ve created one of my largest bodies of work Snail Mail Security using these patterns exclusively.

Updated January 3rd, 2018: There are now 182 different patterns in the set. So thrilled. Thanks everyone for helping.

Plans For The Future

I am interested in how far this project can be taken. The next goal is to reach 200 patterns. I have done some research on the internet and made a page of security envelopes that I am currently looking for. If you are interested in helping me out, drop me a line! Enjoy!

Top 10 hand opened envelopes I have collected

I have begun to catalog the hundreds of envelopes in my collection. Here is a selection of the top 10 hand opened envelopes I have collected.

To make it into the top 10 list the pattern of course had to be great. This is not, however, a list of the top envelope patterns. The way the envelope was opened and how it was treated through the mail delivery system is also, if not more, important. Since I have received envelopes from many amazing friends and fans we can enjoy a wide variety of different opening techniques, mistakes, and frustrations, all taken out on the paper. Take notice that sometimes the glued flap comes completely off, sometimes partially, and sometimes barely at all. Continue reading

Security Envelope Inspired Projects by Sweetie Pie Press

The Sweetie Pie Press has some sweet sweet security envelope inspired DIY projects. Looks like the creator, Becky Johnson has been making security envelope inspired art since at least 2008. That is so cool!

tired of feeling like installations are only for bank lobbies and boutique hotels? want some thing small for your walls that lives in three dimensions and exalts the mundane? want it to be relative easy?

…then the sweetie pie press do-it-yourself security envelope installation kit is for you!

Check out the DIY installation project here:

I’m looking forward to meeting more people that have been inspired by security envelopes. The amazing patterns, the collectable nature, the subtlety. If you know of someone who’s work has been directly or indirectly influenced by security envelopes, please get in touch with me here:

DIY Security Envelope Inspired Project

Security Envelope Fashion Statement

The UglyKittyReDeux uses security envelopes in functional and fabulous jewelry! Security Envelope Fashion is a great idea. I’ve always known how much I like the security envelope patterns but I never considered being able to wear them as a necklace, ring, or earrings. Shop Owner Renee Lavinsky has figured out a way to offer these great patterns in a functional way. Here is one of her product descriptions:

A conversation-starting pendant necklace made with sterling silver, resin, and a recycled security envelope.

The oval pendant measures 1 (25 mm) inch by 0.75 (9 mm) inches and is about 1/8-inch (4 mm) thick and comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


Security Envelope Fashion necklace

Security Envelope Fashion necklace

Security Envelope Fashion earrings

Recycled Security Envelope Project by Joey Ramone

Check out these Recycled Security Envelope Flowers made by Joey Ramone. He uses a traditional Japanese Kusudama flower technique using recycled envelopes. Very fun and what a wonderful combination!

I made these flowers using 2-inch paper squares (each flower needs five squares) cut from security envelopes (the sort which you tend to get bills and stuff in from companies, and it has a pattern printed on the inside, usually in blue or grey). I used this wonderful tutorial from Folding Trees:
They’re so easy to make and I think they’re really effective!

These Kusudama flowers would not qualify as origami because they are made with cuts and glue. Techniques using cuts and glue are categorized as kirigami which is an origami variation. Kirigami is made out of single piece of paper.

Recycled Security Envelope Assorted

Recycled Security Envelope Assorted

These assorted flowers are displayed wonderfully. I like the paper that is they are featured on. The interior and exterior shadows on the flowers are also interesting. I wonder how they would look backlit?

Recycled Security Envelope Red

Recycled Security Envelope Red

Do you notice that the flower pedals are two layers thick? Did you notice how there is a sliver of red pattern around the outsides of the pedals? Can you see through the white parts of the envelope to the subtle patterns beneath?

Bonus points for anyone who can find a picture of this original red envelope! I find this one very interesting because there was obviously some sort of advertising or instructions on the envelope. This text becomes completely illegible in the flower and adds a element of flair.