Security Envelope Inspired Projects by Sweetie Pie Press

The Sweetie Pie Press has some sweet sweet security envelope inspired DIY projects. Looks like the creator, Becky Johnson has been making security envelope inspired art since at least 2008. That is so cool!

tired of feeling like installations are only for bank lobbies and boutique hotels? want some thing small for your walls that lives in three dimensions and exalts the mundane? want it to be relative easy?

…then the sweetie pie press do-it-yourself security envelope installation kit is for you!

Check out the DIY installation project here:

I’m looking forward to meeting more people that have been inspired by security envelopes. The amazing patterns, the collectable nature, the subtlety. If you know of someone who’s work has been directly or indirectly influenced by security envelopes, please get in touch with me here:

DIY Security Envelope Inspired Project

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