The feeling of picking up a new material and making something you could never have created without it. There is nothing quite like it.

Creating things has always been empowering for me. For a long time I believed that good artwork makes people think. This is still a desired outcome, however I can see now that there is so much more that is possible. I hope that my artwork will spark an exchange between people. Often that is where the greatest value comes from.

We live in a visual culture and everything is competing for eyeballs. This of course is true for advertising, but it is also true of art. You see, a certain kind of image does very well in these circumstances. I think it’s great that artists can get a million reblogs on Tumblr, I just hope we can continue to experience all kinds of images, even the ones that don’t generate clicks.

I am inspired by street art and natural decay. Marcel Duchamp and Bruce Nauman are two artists that I have intensely studied and learned from. Thank you.

-ds, 2013