Snail Mail Research and Further Reading

Snail Mail Research (see also: Balloon Mail, Pony Express, and Carrier Pigeon)
Further reading and research on the topic of Snail Mail. For your pleasure and curiosity. There are not a lot of articles written on the subject so please read carefully.

Snail Mail Discrimination

One resident accused a front desk manager of holding mail hostage, forcing residents to sign over checks, and making them pay rent before releasing their mail.

Modern Day Snail Mail (via

I wanted to create my own modern day version of “snail-mail.” My rules for this type experiment were simple: create handwritten text messages for 7 days, i.e. no using the keyboard on my phone to send a message. I wrote out my message on paper and then I snapped a photo to send as a text message.

Little Ideas: Revive Snail Mail

In my opinion there are few things that say I love you, I care about you or I’m thinking of you more than a personalized, handwritten note.

Why Snail Mail Was Dear To Us Once

Like most folk today, I have not put pen to paper for many years. The convenience and immediacy of email and Face book are just too compelling to avoid.

Correspondence with far-away friends today is more of an ongoing conversation, and bears little resemblance to the art of letter-writing we enjoyed in the previous century.

snail mail text conversation


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