Top 10 hand opened envelopes I have collected

I have begun to catalog the hundreds of envelopes in my collection. Here is a selection of the top 10 hand opened envelopes I have collected.

To make it into the top 10 list the pattern of course had to be great. This is not, however, a list of the top envelope patterns. The way the envelope was opened and how it was treated through the mail delivery system is also, if not more, important. Since I have received envelopes from many amazing friends and fans we can enjoy a wide variety of different opening techniques, mistakes, and frustrations, all taken out on the paper. Take notice that sometimes the glued flap comes completely off, sometimes partially, and sometimes barely at all.

Black Crosshatch

Black Pattern 4

Black Pattern 5

Black Pattern 11

Black Pattern ADMR2012

Black Stripes

Grey Pattern 9WBOERW-10.11

Grey Pattern ONE-1007

Light Blue Pattern 3

Light Blue Pattern 5

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