2014 New Trier Alumni Show

2014 New Trier Alumni Show

(From left to right: Jay Ryan, Allie Kushnir, Elizabeth Caudy)

2014 New Trier Alumni Show
Feb 3 – Feb 28th
Ann Brierly Gallery (open during school hours)
385 Winnetka Ave, Winnetka, IL 60093

We are proud to announce the 2014 New Trier Alumni Art Show, featuring a sampling of alumni artwork from 1945-2013. The exhibition covers many types of artistic mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, glass, and video.

This is the first alumni art show of its kind to cover such a wide range of graduates and mediums. Current New Trier students will be able to see the different artistic paths that graduates have chosen. We hope the show will encourage a dialogue between different generation of artists and inspire young artists to pursue their dreams! The exhibition will be on display through February 28th.

Barbara Crane (1945)
Shelley Hendriksen Galloway (1970)
Anne Butler McNerey (1970)
Jay Ryan (1990) http://www.thebirdmachine.com
Elizabeth Caudy (1997) http://www.elizabethcaudy.com
Molly Dolkart (1998)
Kasia Ozga (1999) http://www.kasiaozga.com
Ashley Galloway (2000)
James Buckley Galloway (2002) http://www.jamesbuckleygalloway.com
Kathleen Page (2004) http://www.kathleenvirginia.com
Carrie DeBacker (2004) http://www.carolinedebacker.com
Dan Schreck (2004) http://www.abstractcollage.com
Jordan Kasey (2004) http://www.jordankasey.com
Allie Kushnir (2006) http://www.alliekushnir.com
Addie Price (2006) http://www.addieprice.tumblr.com
Clare Rosean (2006) http://www.clarerosean.com
Sam Ruderman (2007)
Billy Buck (2008)
Lauren Phillips (2009)
Sarah Kokes (2011)
Annie Irwin (2011)
Owen Deutsch (2013)

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